Playtester Reviews for a More Perfect Union

The following are some reviews by some of our playtesters:

“The most engaging and ambitious political game that I have ever seen comes to life in every stage.” – Joshua Rihner

A More Perfect Union will enter the market as the most comprehensive political simulator” – Ethan Hedges.

“For years, I have been looking for a political simulator that would allow me to help dictate how the United States was formed, and now we have one. For those who enjoy studying American history, politics, and/or government, this is the game for you.” – Jesse Green

“I’ve looked for a game to fill the desire to rewrite American history for years, and this is looking to be the best on the market.¬†You can take any politician and turn them into a political superstar with some luck, skill, and good timing. You can ensure the early downfall of your most hated historical figures, and your hometown hero from over a century ago can become one of America’s greatest characters. There’s no limit to what you can and can’t do in AMPU.” – Caleb Perry

“Have you ever wanted to rewrite America’s political history? Elect the first woman to become President with an all female cabinet? Appoint your own Supreme Court to revisit America’s most important decisions? Give minorities the right to vote in the 18th century or fight the Civil War in a different era?” – C. Karl Pratsch

“My favorite part of the game is that moment when it seems like you’ve achieved your goals — only for it to backfire in your face.  In one playthrough, I controlled President George W Bush’s faction.  I had a lot of fun seeing how much power I could seize.  I managed to get confirmation for Karl Rove as Secretary of Transportation and brother Jeb Bush as Secretary of Energy, all while maneuvering Rudy Giuliani into becoming Speaker of the House.  I played the Republicans and Democrats against each other, getting the Democrat factions to agree to give me the line item veto so I could save our country from the most extreme Republican proposals of my own party — but then used the threat that I would use the line item veto against the Democrats until they agreed to remove the 22nd Amendment.  I thought this was my crowning victory, ensuring George W Bush would be the all powerful President for life…but instead public outrage at my actions led to the election of Joe Biden as President, defeating my attempt at a third term.  And just like that, I realized I’d accidentally created a Presidency so powerful it could not be stopped…and then handed the keys to my enemy.  Whoops!”

In other playthroughs, I’ve seen Benedict Arnold outmaneuver George Washington to become the hero of the American Revolution and our first President, I’ve seen Benjamin Franklin break free and establish his own country in the unsettled land along the Mississippi river, I’ve successfully launched a military coup and seized the Federal Government in a violent uprising, I’ve even seen America invade the shores of England (though they were ultimately defeated).  I love watching the rise and fall of so many real life Americans, many of whom never made it into the history books, each conspiring with and against each other.  With hundreds of politicians active at any given time, with random events, unexpected resignations, even less expected deaths…with enemies amassing overseas and along our borders…all while trying to prevent America falling to economic collapse, foreign invasion, civil war, global climate catastrophe…and somehow win the next election while fighting your fellow party members just as hard as you fight those across the aisle…every single playthrough is wildly different than the one that came before.  This is the ultimate “What If” simulator, for American History aficionados and political novices alike!” – Ted Froats

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